Amanda Nousiainen

Tribal & Fusion Bellydance

tribal fusion bellydance classes fall 2017

Tribal Fusion - Beginners

This course is suitable for new students and for those who have been dancing since the previous spring. During this course, we will practice the movements and techniques specific to Tribal Fusion bellydance. The basics of layering will be introduced and we will also focus on developing strength and flexibility through conditioning and stretching exercises. We will also learn short dance combinations in class. This beginner level course is suitable for everyone interested in Tribal Fusion bellydance. 

Tribal Fusion - Advanced
The intermediate course picks up where we left off in the spring semester. New students are still welcomed! We will hone the techniques learned in the beginner level course, practice more advanced layering, and learn new movements. We will focus on dance combinations, finger cymbals and floorwork. The intermediate course is aimed at students who have a command of the techniques learned at the beginner lever course and are looking to challenge themselves.

Technique classes are for everyone who wants to improve their technique skills.

Beginners on Wednesdays at 6:30-7:30 pm. Classes begins on 6th September 2017
Advanced on Wednesdays at 7:30-8:45 pm. Classes begins on 6th September 2017
Technique on Thursdays at 6-7 pm. Classes begins on 7th September 2017

Nunnankatu 4, Turku

1 x 75 min. / week 170 €
1 x 60 min. / week 150 €
2 x 60 min. / week 220 €
1 x 60 min. + 75 min. / week 240 €
3 x week 310 € (all classes)
Drop in 14 €

Send an e-mail to and write your name, phone number and classes which you want to attend. Registration is binding and there aren’t refunds (unless the classes are cancelled).